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Hit CTRL + J or go to Tools > Media Information to view the video resolution that is currently playing.

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Pick a video that fits your internet speed and device’s hardware capability If you pick an HD video and your device cannot handle it, it will be a bit sketchy and lag while playing.. Download YouTube video with VLC - open VLC Now, navigate to 'File' and then select the option 'Open Network Stream.. Click on All under Show settings for advanced preferences Click on Input / Codecs.. If you didn’t know that you could load up online videos from streaming sites, then just hit Media > Open Network Stream [CTRL + N].. So, 720p will be the maximum resolution and it won’t go for 1080p But if you pick something like Very low definition (240 lines) and a video stream containing 240p is not available it will load up the closest one that is 360p.


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Choose the maximum video quality in Preferred video resolution As mentioned before, the video qualities that are possible are–Best available, Full HD (1080p), HD (720p), Standard Definition (576 or 480 lines), Low Definition (360 lines), Very Low Definition (240 lines). Backyard Football Gif

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But what if you wanted to choose the quality/resolution of the online video that VLC loads from YouTube? There is an advanced option that allows us to select Full HD (1080p), HD (720p), Standard Definition (560p or 480p), Low Definition (360p), and Very Low Definition (240p).. Suppose you choose HD 720p, VLC will pick a resolution that is closest to 720p and it won’t go higher than 720p.

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The best quality that it fetches depends on a number of factors like the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection.. Vlc For Mac DownloadVlc Download Youtube Video Mac OsDownload Youtube Videos Vlc Mac 2018With Any Video Converter.. Paste in the URL and hit Play The video will be loaded with the quality that you selected in a few moments.. In a web browser, go to After copying the URL, search for VLC media player in the start menu and open it.. The player will try to load the best video resolution that is feasible with the current connection. 773a7aa168